An incomparable selection

corvi cimera 2017


The sight is yellow, with golden highlights, clean and bright. Intense, complex and elegant aroma, with fruity and floral memories, apples, citrus touches, soft spices, salt and mineral evocation. The palate shows its good body and structure, with great volume, tasty and an excellent acidity that will make it last in time. Long finish and perfumed aftertaste.

Clos Cor Ví Riesling botella


Straw yellow color with golden sparkles, clean and bright. Intense, fruity aroma, with hints of apricot and quince, terpene, with balsamic notes, hydrocarbons and limestones. Light touch of pastries at the end. Very complex and elegant. Fresh on the palate and at the same time broad, tasty, with an excellent acidity that makes us suspect its longevity, dry and refined, very balanced, with a long finish and a perfumed aftertaste. Curious mineral point at the end.

corvi viognier 2017


Straw yellow color, bright. The nose is frank in aromas, complex, with notes of stone fruit, nectarine, apricot and fresh flowers, with balsamic notes and white pepper, giving the whole a great aromatic richness. As the wine opens, aromas of tropical fruit, banana and some mint appear. In the taste it is fresh, with great volume and structure due to its natural glyceric content and the work of the fine lees that provide roundness and unctuousness. Tannin marked but pleasant, unctuous, balanced and with a long aftertaste.

corvi versat 2018c


Straw yellow color with greenish tones. The nose is frank in aromas, fruity and floral, reminiscent of citrus fruits such as grapefruit and lime, green apples, St. John’s pear, fresh grass and aromatic plants. It has a soft entrance on the palate, with freshness, fruit of the magnificent natural acidity, with volume from the work of lees, with a pleasant bitter point at the end of the variety, balanced and with a long aftertaste.