Clos Cor Ví

Clos Cor Ví is a Valencian winery founded in 2004 by Luis Corbí Coloma with the objective of making limited editions of very select white wines with their favorite grapes.

The vine, a traveling plant that has transcended borders to accompany the human being throughout his history, finds in this land of the southern interior of the province of Valencia an ideal environment that we currently known as Terres dels Alforins, among pine forests, centenary oaks, thyme and rosemary, olive, fig and apricot trees.


Luis Corbí

Luis Corbí has been a pioneer in the cultivation of Riesling and Viognier in this valley, which works with the Certificate of Organic Farming together with the native Verdil and has specialized in white wines from a traditional process, using modern technology whenever it can improve the natural quality of the wine, so that they evolve well with the passage of time. Because the best white wines feel good for years.

The Winery and the Vineyard

The winery and oenological facilities also have the Bio seal quality, so all our wines are Organic. That is why they are elegant, fresh of great purity and magnificent palate, gastronomic white wines for good food.

But its great treasure is in the vineyard, a plot in the Ramblar area of just 5 hectares in which all viticulture practices are carried out manually, at its precise moment, without carrying out any phytosanitary treatment, trying to balance the vine and the grapes.

cor vi cimera 2017

Cimera, by Clos Cor Ví

Cimera is the most exclusive wine of Clos Cor Ví, the dream come true that pursued aromatic white wines, fresh and with great palate. So much care and attention could only give an exclusive white wine, very special, unique personality, at the level of the most select of the current Spanish outlook.

Cimera treasures the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape, with its flashing sunbeam and the fresh and tasty character of the most particular grapes of our vineyard.

Cimera is a limited edition of around 2,000 bottles, made in equal parts with a selection of Riesling and Viognier strains planted in the part of the farm with the largest composition of calcareous soil and fluvial sands, non irrigation land. The farm is on a gentle slope that reaches the left bank of the river Cànyoles, the birthplace of the mythical Guerrer de Moixent, the small bronze figure found in the Iberian site of the Bastida de Les Alcusses, on the ridge of the Serra Grossa.

The wines of the Cimera finish the fermentation separately in two styles of French oak barrels of different characteristics, according to the structure of each of them. After the assembly, the wine completes its careful aging of 9 months with its fine lees in a third type of barrel.




The Riesling is the queen of the Rhine Valley, one of the most beloved and appreciated white grape varietals. Its wines are very aromatic, fruity and floral, evoking citrus fruits and stone fruit and clearly transmitting the soil in which it develops. Its excellent natural acidity allows long changes in the bottle. The monovarietal Clos Cor Ví Riesling was our first international success to be awarded with a Global Masters Bronze Medal. It is also part of the assembly of the Cimera.


The Viognier is still a not usual varietal, even in the Rhône Valley, its native place. It is very delicate and sensitive to the plagues and diseases of the vine, so the dry climate of the Mediterranean latitudes favors the good results achieved with its wines. Its high glycerol content makes them good structure and has a silky touch sensation on the palate. With it we make the monovarietal Clos Cor Ví Viognier, besides the Cimera.


The Verdil is the main autochthonous white grape of the Clariano subzone of the DOP Valencia, located between the regions of La Vall d’Albaida and La Costera. A hard caste to work because if it is picked green it remains acidic and dispossessed of fruity character and if it ripens in excess it gives high degree and raised color, for which it is necessary to pay special attention to its harvest time to obtain its characteristic memories of white fruit and its nerve. It is the protagonist of our Clos Cor Ví Versat, Verdil’s monovarietal wine, the most valued and best rated by all the guides and specialized press.


Tasting notes

Straw yellow color with greenish tones. The nose is frank in aromas, fruity and floral, reminiscent of citrus fruits such as grapefruit and lime, green apples, St. John's pear, fresh grass and aromatic plants. It has a soft entrance on the palate, with freshness, fruit of the magnificent natural acidity, with volume from the work of lees, with a pleasant bitter point at the end of the variety, balanced and with a long aftertaste.

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